We were approached by Yamaha following previous live stream and pre-record projects to support with the event and production management for the prestigious launch of their new concert grand piano – the CFX.

The end-to-end project support commenced with a thorough London venue search with the primary objective of having excellent acoustics. Full event management support was provided during the pre-event process including multiple site visits and planning meetings.

As the guest experience was key for this VIP project, our in-house web services team supported with a bespoke branded event registration microsite that was personalised via unique QR codes accessed from the printed invitations.

Working closely with the venue and third party furniture and catering suppliers, full production management was executed onsite. This included the logistics of loading all equipment via two sets of steps into the attractive venue of St John’s Smith Square.

To enhance the attractive setting, a tasteful lighting design was installed to highlight the key features of the venue and ensure the piano remained the focus point. To ensure maximum return on investment, we also supported with full on-site video production, showcasing our discrete PTZ cinema line cameras, to capture content for post event edits, showcasing the piano as performed by world class musicians on the day.

Post event, we continued to support Yamaha with a variety of video edits for internal, social and further marketing use. This involved working closely together in our edit suite to ensure the piano was seen and heard in its best light. We further supported with an audio edit of the multi-track audio record and colour grading to ensure the final edits popped.

The final videos were then hosted on the microsite for ease of distribution.

This project had it’s complexities but with careful planning everything came together to realise the clients ambitions for the project.
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