case study.

Virtual Business Leaders Summit.

White Event Production already had the original live event date for the Council of Sustainable Business (CSB) COP 26 Business Leaders Event with royal and parliamentary VIP speakers in the calendar before the restrictions around COVID-19 were enforced. The CEO of the CSB looked to keep momentum of UK businesses achieving the aims of the 25-year Environment Plan by hosting the event virtually.

The virtual summit hosted 190 UK business CEO’s to provide inspirational and insightful guidance with remote guest speakers such as the COP26 President and BEIS Secretary of State, Defra Secretary of State, Richard Curtis and Michael Gove. In addition, the CEO’s commitments for setting a zero carbon target of 2040 and a biodiversity net gain target were showcased via a collection of prerecorded addresses, edited by White into a series of medleys.

“That was a Special ZOOM – best one I have attended. It was engaging, all the speakers had a different message to add, and a very attractive offer to join!
Well done to the delivery team!”

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Veolia

At the start of the 8-week planning period transforming the event from physical to virtual, the Council also called upon its contacts at KPMG Ignition to support with the hosting and management of the online platform.

The project kick-off meeting launched a positive partnership between the
KPMG Ignition U-Collaborate team and White, and the two sets of experiences and skillsets complimented perfectly. KPMG set-up and managed the Zoom meeting, including all security procedures and meeting registration, and White handled the technical elements of the broadcast stream including cameras, vision mixing, Slido interactivity, speaker support and stream showcalling.

“Production values were brilliant, especially given the Zoom platform. The content was both pacey and engaging.”

Chairman, Lok n Store

The location was set to be the impressive U-Collaborate space at KPMG offices, Canary Wharf. The White production team worked with KPMG to transform the space into a studio setup, complete with control gallery and socially distanced green room area. Utilising the inhouse video wall and large screens, a complex switching matrix was set-up to allow content to be sent to any location.

In addition to providing speaker support and stage dressing, the different
content pre-sets were used to create an impactful scene for the important press photographs. This included the presenters being seen next to the image of a remote guest speaker, a pre-recorded video from Prince Charles and a gallery view showcasing the profiles of the CEOs as the audience.

“I have had messages from George Eustice and Tamara Finkelstein (Defra Perm Sec) saying what a great event it was – and many others from our guests.”

Chair, Environment Agency

White set up five 4K cameras including a tracking slider to ensure all PR
angles were covered. An onsite cameraman, a sound engineer and a vision
mixer were coordinated by the stream Producer for a seamless and engaging
broadcast, over and above a normal Zoom meeting.

Paying attention to detail at every stage was crucial whilst transforming this event into a virtual experience to ensure the involvement of all the companies was not jeopardised. White prepared a video introduction loop complete with a voiceover, instructing the audience on how to prepare for the stream to guarantee maximum involvement, whilst KPMG Ignition provided Zoom technical support. In addition to the pre-submitted questions via the Zoom registration process, Slido was used to capture real time responses and open Q&A.

“Very proud of the event – epically well done – and all the work we’ve done together over the past year and more. We have a LOT more people in the room now!!!”

CEO, Responsible Travel

Contingency planning played a key part with the constantly evolving agenda,
right up until the last minute. This wasn’t just in pre-production planning as part of the in-depth technical running order used to coordinate the broadcast, but also with hardware and personnel back-ups; including back-up internet hardware, back-up Zoom connections and ‘shadow’ personnel to cover key members if they required to self-isolate last minute.

Post-event, the White team supported the CSB with their new website which will take them up to COP26 in November 2021. This website not only utilises the produced and edited event content, but also includes the commitments offered by the CEOs, submitted via the event registration and dedicated commitment portal. Website and portal were produced using White’s inhouse registration and event website services.

The collaboration between White and KPMG Ignite provided a robust and
professional take on a standard Zoom meeting. By complimenting each partners
strengths, the event objectives were successfully achieved and the momentum
for tackling sustainable businesses was maintained.

White Event Production