At the start of the virtual communication era, Severn Trent took the company Zoom quiz invitation to another level and proposed to us a four-part ‘Share a Smile’ campaign to keep interaction constant within their company, and spirits high amongst their employees.

COMEDY night was the first instalment of Severn Trent’s ‘Share a Smile’ campaign. We needed to create an engaging and fun-filled night that where the comedians could perform at the best with two-way interaction and a virtual front row.
"Our Share a Smile campaign has been such a blast. Eight themed weekly packs, four belting nights in - and a lovely buzz about the place."
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Paul Evans
Severn Trent



Comedians thrive off the interaction and reaction of their audiences, which in turn delivers funnier content and a more wholesome experience for both parties. In a virtual capacity, this can be a struggle.

We created a virtual front row by having select audience members participating in the evening via a webinar with the comedian. Doing this allowed real time, two-way communication with the artist which encouraged the conventional ‘back and forth’ banter that you would expect of a traditional comedy night. This webinar was then streamed to thousands of Severn Trent employees to enjoy the fun – much like watching a pre-recorded stand-up show except the audience are your colleagues and the content is very much relatable.

Fully bespoke and branded pre-programed layouts allowed the wider audience to watch the comedian and front row at the same time as we swapped the front row participants throughout the night.

With this set up, we had an MC comedian to kick off the show and to act as a constant throughout with him introducing the second warm up act and then the headliner.

This event was a fantastic way to kick off the campaign, using innovative techniques to breathe life into a characteristically unconventional virtual event.


Every project comes with its complexities and different use of technology. To enable this virtual event to happen seamlessly, we provided the below hardware and support;


Being a virtual event that brings an audience together online for a real-time game is a great experience for all. Here are some advantages;


Live Streamed Minutes
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