our work.

[white] event production is a collaborative production support for large events agencies and client organisations offering a white label approach to creative content, production, and production management.

Alternatively, to gain access to our private portfolio portal or receive a hard copy of our little black book please submit a request below.

Due to our discrete ‘white label’ approach and NDA agreements in place we do not tend to shout about the clients we work with.


We are proud of the diversity and scale of the organisations we are trusted by.

  •  Supporting a variety of agencies with automotive projects spanning 7 brands including Fomrula 1.
  •  High profile service and attention to detail required for financial investment and auditing firms.
  •  Pharmauctial experience ranging from video production to experiential breakout creation.
  •  Creative content and event management support for utilities and infrastructure clients.
  •  Innovative technical support required for this growing client sector in IT.
  •  Technical production support for small scale theatre and music festival projects.
White Event Production