We collaborated with local industry colleagues, Nutshell Creative, with the video production and editing support of an important test case project for their client, Costa Coffee.

Full pre-production planning involving shoot scheduling and interview questions were collaboratively worked on prior to the location shoot at Coca Cola offices in London.

On-site a three camera setup was installed including a Rhino camera slider for a looping soft movement shot to be used as a cut away. B-roll supporting footage was also captured handheld using the Sony FX6.

Our usual camera soft lighting was complimented with egg crate and soft box attachments to our range of Titan LED tubes to offer complete versatility in the restricted shoot locations.

Our Zoom F8n Field Recorder was used to capture clean audio from both lapel and shotgun microphones, working with the office background noise.

Post event, a series of teaser highlights and full version edits were produced including full colour grading and post production finessing to ensure the best dynamic range of the shots that included natural daylight from windows as part of the background.

We were proud to support Nutshell Creative in producing a range of social media videos that promote the value and opportunities for women at Costa by showcasing the stories of some senior female employees. This was a test case for the marketing department investing in their LinkedIn media and we look forward to supporting on further content.
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