White Event Production collaborated with Aspect to deliver monthly LinkedIn Live broadcasts for a prominent financial services client. The goal was to establish an exciting and engaging live stream that would effectively communicate the client's updates and insights to their target audience on LinkedIn.

The project consists of a small location studio setup on the 12th floor of Canary Wharf offices with direct communication and signal links with the stream Gallery at White HQ in Milton Keynes. The location studio includes on-camera Autocue, lighting and sound plus a variety of return feed and presenter support monitors.

An internet based presentation remote solution is used to progress the slides being vision mixed into the broadcast, complete with motion graphics White created in-house, to the audience on LinkedIn Live.

The audience are invited to ask questions during the stream, which are answered live at the end of the financial update, via the comments section of LinkedIn. Post stream, the higher resolution local camera record is edited into the original vision mix and uploaded for the ‘on demand’ audience.
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