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Achieve large scale and creative videowalls with our stock of high-pitch, clear and crisp LED tiles from Absen. Whether a flat or curved LED wall, truss flown or ground-supported, our fine pixel pitch panels are ideal for exhibition, retail, conferences, live music and more.






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More than LED

As well as the LED panels and rigging themselves, we stock a whole fleet of video processing and playback equipment to power your project – all available under one roof, and all supported by the same amazing team. From Novastar 4K Controllers to Barco E2 Processors and from the latest MacBook Pro laptops to Media Servers, we have the solution for you to showcase your content in the very best way possible!

Our in-house creative design team of videographers/editors, 2D and 3D graphics designers and PowerPoint visionaries can assist with content design scaled to best fit your LED canvas and event messaging in order to maximize impact.

LED Calculator

Absen PL 2.5 Plus V10

Total Panels


Total Weight¹


Pixel Count


Controllers Required²


Ballast Requirement³

20kg total, or 20kg/meter
1 x 12.5kg block


200px x 200px

Average Power

1 Amps

Earth Leakage⁴

1 mA

Max Power

1 Amps

Diagonal Size "


¹ does not include rigging & cabling weights - individual panels only.
² minimum controllers required and does not take into account redundancy options / units.
³ minimum advised weight if ground stacked based on height of wall according to manufacturer recommendations.
⁴ this is an estimate, please consult an event electrician for all power calculations.

Full support available from a team of event experts.

Whatever the project, our skilled team can support your vision from start to finish - whether that's an initial design idea or technical CAD drawings/weight loadings through to bespoke Health and Safety documentation. You'll receive a dedicated production manager to take your project from concept through to completion.

LED is more sustainable than you may think

It’s more sustainable than you might think!

Opting for an LED wall as a digital backdrop for your upcoming event presents a highly sustainable choice that harmonizes technological innovation with environmental consciousness. Unlike traditional printed backdrops, LED walls consume significantly less energy, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and a smaller ecological footprint. LED walls allow for dynamic, customizable visuals, eliminating the need for producing and transporting physical materials for each event, thereby curbing waste generation. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, you're not only providing an immersive and captivating experience for your audience but also demonstrating your dedication to a greener future through forward-thinking event solutions.

Why choose LED over projection?

LED walls offer a superior solution for events compared to traditional projection alternatives due to their numerous advantages. The precise and vibrant visuals of LED walls deliver impeccable image quality, even in well-lit environments, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience for attendees. LED walls also possess unmatched flexibility in terms of sizing and configuration, allowing for seamless customization to fit various event spaces. Unlike projections that can be affected by ambient light and require careful calibration, LED walls maintain consistent brightness and color accuracy, guaranteeing a reliable performance regardless of the lighting conditions. Furthermore, LED walls are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan, reducing both operational costs and environmental impact. Their modular nature enables easy assembly and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime during event setups. Altogether, LED walls stand as a modern and reliable choice, enhancing the visual impact of events while offering practical benefits that elevate the overall event experience.

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Below, we've compiled some frequently asked questions our clients ask around LED technology and its benefits. If there is something you'd like to know that isn't listed - please get in touch!

An LED wall is a display technology that uses light-emitting diodes to create visual content. These diodes emit light when an electric current passes through them. LED walls are composed of individual LED modules that work together to display images, videos, and other content. There are 40,000 of these LEDs in every single 500mm x 500mm panel of our Absen 2.5 stock! 

LED wall power consumption depends on factors like the screen size, resolution, and brightness settings. To help you calculate consumption, we have built our useful interactive calculator to help guide you on key information. 

Ensure the venue have a sufficient power supply for an LED wall, depending on size and other technical equipment in-use at the event, you’d probably like to enquire if they have a 32a 3phase, 63a 3phase or ideally a 125a 3phase supply available in the space where the LED wall/s are being built. We do also stock all the various power distribution options required to power the kit too. Get in touch to find out more. 

Work with a qualified electrician to ensure proper grounding of the LED wall and associated equipment. Install residual current devices (RCDs) or ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to detect and prevent earth leakage.  Our handy calculator above gives an insight into how much earth leakage you might expect.

The physical size and weight of the LED wall can affect the venue’s layout, seating arrangements, and overall event design. Consider the available space, viewing angles, and audience size when selecting an LED wall size. Smaller events might require smaller walls, while larger events might benefit from larger and more immersive displays. Our Absen LED walls only require 1meter of depth behind the wall when being ground-rigged, this helps save space when it’s at a premium! We can always assist with CAD plan drawings to help you visualise the space the wall would take up and plot your audience/furniture etc too. 

Check with the venue management regarding and load-in / installation restrictions. Consider factors such as load-bearing capacities, structural support, and obstruction of emergency exits or sightlines.  

As with all technical equipment, things can go wrong in rare circumstances. Luckily, our team are always thinking ahead about the best redundancy options and minimising and issues for your special event.  

We will always suggest supplying an automatic backup controller for example so that if one controller or data cable should fail, the data flow is immediately and unnoticeable reversed to the redundant controller – your audience wouldn’t even notice! 

Should an LED module fail during the event then we can quickly swap it out from either the front or rear of the wall by simply popping it out from its housing and inserting a new one. The LED module automatically picks up the screen configuration including brightness/colour settings and your wall is back to its correct self. 

Input types and hardware to play back content is slightly dependent on what size wall you are after. For example, a standard ratio 16:9 wall (such as a 4.5m x 2.5m size) can run on one of our smaller HD controllers which can easily scale a video input on either DVI, SDI or HDMI from a source such as a laptop. 

For larger events and unconventional ratio walls (such as a 20m wide x 4m high wall pictured above), you might need input switching and scaling capabilities and so utilising a video processor such as our Barco E2 would be advised. This can then take a whole host of inputs via SDI, HDMI and DVI and output them across multiple screens at different scales/resolutions. 

We also stock an array of playback devices from MacBook Pros to Media Servers to best suit the content type. 

Our LED walls can either be ground-supported (directly on the floor or on top of staging deck for additional height), or flown on appropriate truss/motors. 

Our expert team can help with load calculations / technical drawings in order to best make use of space for rigging. 

Typically, we find flying LED wall on truss can be slightly quicker than ground-stacking as it is quicker to get an initial level line to ensure a smooth build with no joins visible etc. However, whether flown or ground-supported, once a level surface has been created on the LED rigging system – the wall can be built fairly swiftly by competent technicians. For most walls, you should expect to allow 3-4 hours for it to be built, cabled, calibrated and tested. 

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