To pre-record and edit exhibition segments to show during an interactive live stream presented by the CEO. We needed to transform their ‘Hive’ communal area within their head office into a stream studio with autocue, staging, lighting and two-way video calls with other members of the board.
White Event Production



Flexeserve are the global industry leaders in hot-holding units and food-to-go solutions. With new innovative technology, they were eager to showcase their revolutionary design to the rest of their associates across the globe – and a pandemic wasn’t going to stop them getting ahead in the market.

We produced and completed a two-day shoot at Flexeserve HQ, capturing exhibition segments including a food quality demonstration and an in-store service presentation. Edited together with supporting animations and text graphics, these videos were ready to be broadcast during multiple live streams for audiences in different time zones.

We set up a streaming studio in their communal ‘Hive’ along with a custom-built stage, studio lighting, autocue, comfort monitors and the resources to feed in videos calls for the CEO to communicate with guest speakers. We enabled an interactivity capability so viewers could answer questions and vote on polls throughout the stream.

Post-event, we edited the pre-records into web-friendly, contextual videos so Flexeserve could make all the exhibition context available on demand.


Every project comes with its complexities and different use of technology. To enable this live steam to work seamlessly, we provided the below hardware and support;


Being a virtual online event comes with certain advantages over the typical physical event. These advantages include;


Minutes Streamed
Events across multiple timezones
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