We worked with Chameleon Event Production and their client, an American headwear company, who are used to holding vast internal live events to launch their seasonal collections and make important company announcements to its workforces. Since the social restrictions enforced at the beginning of last year, the company has had no choice but to redirect their all-important product launches and director’s presentation to a virtual platform.

As well as the company directors needing to concisely deliver important messages, targets and strategy’s; headwear, apparel and accessories have to all be showcased or modelled, product-by-product, and in great detail alongside supporting presentation slides.



Utilising our high spec autocue system, we used two cameras to film the director’s presentations for a seamless and crisp delivery. All three directors were filmed on the same day in a local events company’s studio for aesthetic consistency, and the edits were completed promptly to allow for any alteration requests from the directors. Alongside transitioning in presentation slides and look book videos on cue, the dual camera set up allowed extra editorial freedom when it came to smoothing out false starts and unnecessary pauses. This also had a helping hand in creating a less stressful shoot for the directors because if any mistakes did occur, the directors had the freedom to pick up the script from where they felt most comfortable and not have the pressure of having to get it right in one take.

When it came to the product showcases with over 500 products to talk through, organisation and floor management was an integral part to the filming and editing process. We used a four-camera set up, including a one mounted on a slider, to show multiple angles of the products and ultimately enhancing the value of production. Due to the sheer volume of products to film over a two-day shoot, we vision mixed camera feeds live onsite, so we had an initial edit output each day. With presentation slides and graphics to be inserted correctly and seamlessly throughout the edit, the onsite vision mix made the post-edit less cumbersome and more efficient for a quick turn-around.



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