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Roland V-1HD HDMI Vision Switcher

The “take anywhere” compact HD switcher that will connect video cameras, tablets, smartphones, Blu-ray players, in fact any HDMI source with just a push of the T-Fader button. It can produce professional results including picture-in-picture effects, keying, and even green-screen effects. It has four HDMI inputs for sources up to 1080p Full HD quality and features two “effects” knobs, a full 12-channel mixer and two HDMI outputs.

Additionally there is the option of remote control via USB or MIDI connection.

Christian Delfino of Roland has described the V-1HD as “Ideal for supporting both live events and presentations, as well as small broadcast setups for enterprise video users, schools and house-of-worship environments. It is also an amazing creative tool for visual artists or musicians who want to add video switching to their performances, create YouTube videos, mix content for online streaming and more. It’s the most affordable 4-channel HD video switcher that includes a hardware interface, video FX and audio mixing/FX, making it a complete portable video switching and control solution.” The V-1HD can also be controlled by the companion PC/Mac or iPad application when connected by USB.

The Roland V-1HD provides switching for up to four HDMI A/V sources including cameras, computers, tablets, smartphones and even Blu-ray players, thanks to its HDCP copy protection support. The high definition output of the V-1HD can be switched between 720p (from 720p inputs), 1080i or 1080p. In either 1080i or 1080p output mode, the V-1HD can accept both 1080p and 1080i input signals simultaneously, allowing it to be used with a range of sources.  The V-1HD has a 12-channel audio mixer for mixing stereo audio from HDMI and external stereo audio sources and its dedicated microphone input. The V-1HD includes two HDMI program and preview outputs and a stereo audio output.

The V-1 HD gives users an array of compositing effects, including picture-in-picture and keying, allowing for graphic insets plus titling and green screen capabilities. Ideal for live event video switching, the V-1HD offers advanced transition and filter effects – more than 30 effects and transition types including mix, cut, full additive mix (FAM), non-additive mix (NAM), wipe and other performance effects. The V-1HD also has output fade, BPM Sync and Auto-Scan functions. The A and B video busses each have controls for effects assignment and parameter control. The output can be switched A/B or in PGM/PST mode where the B buss is used for signal preview. The preview output can be set to a multi view mode – where all inputs are displayed with coloured borders indicating the program and preview selections, or in a full-screen mode. The preview output can be used for additional, menu-driven set-up control, or as a second output for applications such as a simultaneous webcast or recording output.

The 12-channel audio mixer offers 3-band parametric EQ, reverb, up to 500ms delay for accurate lip-sync, a compressor/gate on the mic input and level/multiband EQ on the master mix.  A headphone output facilitates audio monitoring and the V-1HD supports mono or stereo plug-in-powered microphones.

The V-1HD features a clean, intuitive control layout with multi-function buttons and knobs as well as a large T-handled T-Fader for key and transition operations. The rugged construction ensures long-term reliability even under the most demanding conditions of portable and professional use.