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IQ Two 88 2x 8-Way Ethernet-DMX Node

8-way Bidirectional ArtNet/sACN-DMX Node with TWO EtherCon Ports and PoE power in!

  • High-power processor for glitch-free data conversion, patching and merging of up to eight universes

  • Powerful yet intuitive feature set, control, management, via on-board LCD, Browser Interface, or ProPlex Software

  • Dual EtherCon ports allow very low latency linking of units and, with GBS and EZ-LAN, ring topology for speed and redundancy

  • PoE power-in option for convenience or dual-power redundancy

  • Merge ArtNet or Streaming ACN from multiple sources

  • Full bi-directional RDM functionality. Input or output on any DMX connector.

  • Rugged, tour-ready ProPlex “Blue Box” construction