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Interspace USB AiOx

AiOx—Audio in out—eXtended.—Following on from the original AiO is AiOx.

AiOx is a multipurpose audio interfacing tool especially designed to address a multitude of audio needs in the professional AV market.


A redesign of the standard transformer balanced interface system. The Clip LEDs of before are still there and we now have a single, signal present, blue LED to show if either of the input has a signal on exceeding about 30dB,
The output has a similar system where the Power on LED glows to the peaks of the output Audio.

Main Features

  • USB Powered
  • Earth lift
  • Output variable level control
  • Line or Mic level inputs with independent controls
  • Signal Preset and Clip LEDs
  • Transformer balancing on input and output