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Interspace PCBB2 PC Balance Box

Stereo PC sound cards inherently suffer with buzz and hum problems when connecting to professional PA systems. The PC Bal Box will isolate and “clean up” the sound quality. We have the obligatory ground Lift switch as well as a stereo to mono switch. A Pad switch (35dB) to bring the normal high level output of computer systems to a more normal level – we have Left and Right out so phase errors can be isolated as well as hearing pure stereo. As this is passive it will also work in reverse and act as a method to record external stereo or mono signals on to devices that need a 3.5mm (mini) jack input.


Typical input 700mVp-p unbalanced stereo audio

Bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 KHz Signal levels

dependant on input level and output impedance

Control Switches:

Output Pad from -2db / -35dB

Earth (Ground) lift

Stereo to Mono


Input: 3.5mm mini stereo jack

Output: 2 male XLR

Dimensions mm (inch):

DxWxH: 71(2 8/10”) x 64(2 1/2”) x 40(1 6/10”)

Captive lead length 1.8m (6ft)

Weight: 218g / 8oz

Power: None required