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Interspace Indicator3

The AV professional’s best friend with dual indicator outputs for mulitple cueing or mutiple indictor displays.

Indicator 3

Indicator3 is a simple and effective ‘Traffic Light’ system. Using everyone’s understanding of green, amber and red signals, Indicator3 silently prompts presenters when to speak (green light), when to summarise (amber light) and when to conclude (red light).

The main control unit has dual indicator power outputs so that two lamps can be located for easy viewing, or to cue more than one presenter or crew at the same time. The indicator display lamps are self-contained and are connected using standard 3-core XLR (mic) cables. The optional CombiTower can be used to give 360 Degree viewing.

Operation is by the main unit front panel. Green, amber and red buttons will select or deselect that colour. Selecting another colour will deselect the first colour. A flash feature allows the operator to emphasise that time has run out. Cable lengths can be in excess of 100 metres (300 ft).