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ELGATO HD60S Capture Card

Top features:


– Show off your gaming skills with Instant Gameplay

– Add your own style with Stream Command

– Simple connectivity means less time setting up

Show off your gaming skills

You’ll be able to share your best gaming moments with friends and followers with the Elgato HD60S Capture Card. Stream and record your games without hassle thanks to Instant Gameplay, with low-latency technology – a 40 Mbps bitrate keeps your video smooth.

The integrated Live Streaming feature lets you start steaming on Twitch and YouTube without complicated setup.

The Full HD quality means your videos will be packed with detail. If you miss a moment and you forgot to hit record, simply slide back in time using the capture card.

Add your own style

The Elgato HD60S includes Stream Command, which lets you add your webcam, overlays and more to your videos, perfect for bring some personality to your videos.

You can also add your voice thanks to the built-in Live Commentary feature. When you’re streaming live, you’ll be able to change the layout and scenes on-the-fly, providing plenty of options.

Simple connectivity

The reversible USB-C connection makes setting up the HD60S Capture Card easy. The plug-and-play design means you can simply connect your devices and start capturing footage in Full HD at up to 60 FPS.