Back in March 2020 when the national lockdown was announced, Severn Trent’s education team approached [white] event production to design and build an online educational learning portal as quickly as possible for children to learn at home during lockdown.

The portal should be accessible on all device-types (fully-responsive) and feature multiple interactive activities covering an array of topics from water to waste. All learning should be logged and reportable with the children being able to download a personalised certificate at the end of their journey reminding them of the pledges they have made throughout the portal.
“Congratulations and a massive thanks to you and your team for working so quickly on this for us – it’s incredible what we’ve achieved. Press release and comms will be going out very shortly. I don’t think I could have asked for more from a creative agency, you guys were all over this and I’m extremely grateful for all the effort. I’m excited for what we’ll be able to deliver when the timescales aren’t as rushed!”
White Event Production
Education Officer
Severn Trent



Bespoke Design

Educating people about the significance of sensible water usage and the safe disposal of waste is one of Severn Trent’s regulated objectives. [white] event production managed to build and deliver a bespoke online learning tool in a matter of days to continue the crucial delivery of online learning to school children across the Midlands.

Our in-house design team came up with a completely bespoke website design which runs on high-availability CDN servers driven by a SQL database backend for interactivity and reporting.

The website was created to work on all-device types and required students to log in with their first name, age and school name which is then used to personalise their journey throughout the portal.

3D Animations

Our design team worked to create three separate animations for the learning platform which featured a new fictional character called 'Molly'.

Molly guides children throughout the portal with informative learning videos describing the processes involved in waste and water management.

A professional voiceover artist adds to this animated content with narrative audio.

Interactive Elements

Throughout the learning portal, online quizzes and activities feature to enhance the interactivity element for learners.

These games were designed to be accessible on all-device types and feature drag-and-drop games such as true/false and wordsearches.

All interactivity is recorded against the learners online record and reportable by the Severn Trent Education Team.

Complete Song Production

Our team also worked to produce a catchy song accompanying ‘karaoke-style’ visuals, orginally written by the Severn Trent Team.

The music was written and backing vocals added in by [white] event production to add a quality-feel to the track which is a great learning tool for Severn Trent to use in their assemblies and online content.

Personalised Certificates

At the end of the learning journey, students are able to make pledges/commitments to help remind them of what to/not put down the toilet.

These pledges are logged against their online record and students are also able to generate a personalised PDF certificate which reminds them of their pledges for them to download or print.
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