case study.

A platform to teach the lockdown generation.

Educating people about the significance of sensible water usage and the safe disposal of waste is one of Severn Trent’s regulated objectives. While already occupying school assemblies across the Midlands, Severn Trent were in talks of creating an interactive online learning portal in time for the start of the new academic year.

However, as soon as schools closed back in March, Severn Trent were keen on developing a smaller scaled version of the learning portal as quickly as possible for children to learn at home during lockdown.

Children all over the Midlands are now interacting with this fully branded, custom-built
mircosite that took just 7 days to build.

Three seperate animations were created using Severn Trents existing fictional character, Molly. Each animation teaches the various stages of the ‘Journey of Water’, which were all narrated by a professional Voiceover artist.

We produced a song and created accompanying ‘karaoke-style’ visuals, orginally written by the Severn Trent Team.

Downloadable personalised certificate after placing pledges – a regulatory obligation to inspire a generation.

Custom-built educational activities designed for Key Stage 2 children.

“Congratulations and a massive thanks to you and your team for working so quickly on this for us – it’s incredible what we’ve achieved. Press release and comms will be going out very shortly. I don’t think I could have asked for more from a creative agency, you guys were all over this and I’m extremely grateful for all the effort. I’m excited for what we’ll be able to deliver when the timescales aren’t as rushed!”

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